The Marylanders

The Rood, The Marylanders, Book One

She was forced into exile.
He chose his.

A Lonely Exile

Acadian exile Elizabeth Marie Johns refuses to return to Baltimore Town. Not only are the Acadians not wanted, but her own people have turned against her. All alone, she sets out to find her father on the northern border. But when frontiersman Thomas McQueen finds her, he proposes a different plan. Can Elizabeth trust him? Or in the end will he, too, betray her?


A Ruthless Past             

Thomas McQueen has plans. Deadly Ones. While it is too late to save his life, he can still save his family from fates worse than death. But an encounter with the Acadian lass on his way home causes him to wish for a different fate. Is it too late to become a different man?


An Exacting Future

The French and British fight for control of a wilderness empire. But trust is scarce and hate plentiful, and when Thomas’ past explodes into Elizabeth’s future, she is forced to face her worst fears.


Will she forgive him for the man he was? Or will the mistakes of his past mistakes require the ultimate sacrifice?

The Brooch, The Marylanders, Book Two

Coming Winter 2019