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One Cat Short of C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!!

When I came across this little sign at Goodwill last week, I just had to have it.

Yea - I am now officially, irrevocably, undoubtedly, one cat short of crazy!

Sometimes, I think we have a revolving door for pets around here. Ours, others, and those needing homes.

At any rate, Tripod, who I wrote about here, is now in a forever home that is far better for him than here. We saved him from being euthanized. We rehabilitated him, but he was not happy here. He did not quite fit in with our dogs, and he needed more attention than we could give him over his hopefully long life.

After having recently found homes for a few other animals besides Tripod - remember - I have a revolving door for pets around here. Ours, others, and those needing homes . . . I was feeling good about the lowering pet population.

And then, after a semi-flood one day, Hayden brought home a four week old kitten. 'Twas nearly drowned. It had fleas. It could not even eat or suck on a dropper.

Hayden found it on his way to work that morning. (We had a period of rain - rain - and more rainy rain this past spring.) As the gate opened for him to drive into work, a cardboard box fell off the post into the path of his truck. Worried that whatever was inside might damage his tires, he got out in the rain and opened the box.

The kitten was inside.

Now, picture a 911 dispatch office. They handle emergencies every day. They talk people through desperate situations. They calm fears and tame nerves.

And none of them had any idea what to do with a kitten.

So, the kitten was brought to my house because - after all - I have a revolving door for pets here. Ours, others, and those needing homes.

We tried to feed it, but that was not working. And man, could the little thing holler. I put out an all call on our neighborhood Facebook page for anyone who might possibly have a mother cat who was nursing.

Bingo - a neighbor had a cat that had two week old kittens. She picked up our little kitten - we refused to name it because it was going out the revolving door as soon as it was able - and took it home with her. The mother cat adopted it and took care of it for two weeks. Then - she was done with the little scamp, and it came back to me.

Tinkerbell at about seven weeks old.

Now, like I said, the plan all along had been to find it a home. After all - I have a revolving door for pets here. Ours, others, and those needing homes, and this kitten was going right out that revolving door as soon as it was able. I have been adamant about no more cats. I love the little furry beasts, but I just did not want anymore.

I had four different homes for the little rascal. Four times she was nearly out that revolving door.

Four times - the homes fell through.

Oh, in the meantime, we did the worst thing possible. We named her Tinkerbell.

Finally, one night at a party the boys were having, son's girlfriend had a friend that fell in love with the kitten and wanted to take it home. I said yes - and then went in my room and bawled my eyes out.

The two weeks previous I had become attached. (But what do you expect? It was here nearly six weeks!) My big 15 pound tabby cat - Chris - became attached, too. They play together. They sleep together. Chris goes searching for the little gal when she hollers or is upset.

Yea - so I had to take back my offer and now - although I never wanted it - I have three cats, and I am officially one cat short of crazy!

(And by the way - Tinkerbell is a . . . uh hum . . . boy . . .!!!!!)

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