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Manspiration Monday (and my weirdness!)

So, I am on a FB page with frontier re-enactors / enthusiasts. Recently, someone posted about the old 60s television show Daniel Boone. Of course, there are a number of inaccuracies in the show. Boone wore a felt beaver hat not a coonskin cap (although Davy Crockett wore one). Boonesborough and the surrounding environ looks a LOT different than the television suggests. The Shawnee, and not the Cherokee, populated the Kentucky area. Boone and wife Rebecca had ten children not just two - Jemima and Israel - as the show suggests (and later Jemima, played by Nancy Cartwright, was dropped).

I loved, loved, loved that show, however. I watched it religiously. I remember getting upset one day because we had to go somewhere and I could not watch it that afternoon. (By the time I was watching the show - it was on reruns in the afternoon after school).

Most of the pics of the real Boone are as an older man. This one appears to have been drawn from those but as he may have looked when he was younger. I am not certain where it originated from.

Such a fascination as a ten year old girl was certainly strange. It gets stranger when I later started working on my genealogy ten years later and learned that my 6th great-grandfather - David Crews - was at Boonesborough at the same time as Boone. As a matter of fact, it appears that Crews was one of the few people that supported Boone after his court-martial after the capture of the saltmakers in February of 1778. He also later housed some of the land records at his own station, Crews Station, during Boone's trial.

Anyone want to explore inherited memories?

But, I digress - so I make a post on the FB page about how much I liked the show and how I later found out my ancestor was there, and I get a TON of likes - and they are all men. LOL. I may be one of only a handful of girls on the whole page. Maybe I am the only girl?

And - so - Fess Parker / Daniel Boone is my Manspiration Monday for this week.

Now, time to go dig up those old shows just for the fun of it . . .

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