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Lullabies and Little Ones

My current work-in-progress, The Brooch, hearkens back to my first trilogy about the Cayles and Mackechnies in that the story is centered around a family with a number of small children. And so, it was, that one day I found myself searching for a lullaby for a bedtime scene. Of course, it had to be an old Acadian tune. It had to be simple.

And, it had to be a real, authentic song. (That's just how Donna rolls . . . lol . . .)

A quick search yielded a sweet, sweet result. It's called, simply, Acadian Lullaby. It's a very old tune. Supposedly, some of the words, when sung in French, still have their old and original Acadian flavor. The song can also accommodate stanza changes so that the baby can see different people or animals.

Dors, dors, le petit bibi,

C’est le beau p’tit bibi á maman.

Dors, dors, dors, dors, dors, le bibi á maman.

Demain s’y fait beau j’irons au grandpére;

Dors dors le p’tit bibi.

Dors, dors, dors, dors, dors, dors le bibi á mam

Sleep, my little one

Sleep, little beautiful baby of mine

Sleep, sleep

Little baby of mine.