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In honor of National Pet Month - meet Tripod!

So - This article appeared in my newsletter dated 3 May 2021. So many people enjoyed Tripod's story, however, that I thought I would reprint it here for more of you to enjoy. (And if you want to sign up for my newsletter, which is a far superior way of keeping up with my projects and my life - just click here.)

Yea - I know. I have often enough said we have waaaaayyyy too many animals in this house. We have her animals and his animals and our animals and their animals . . .

Tripod's owner of a few weeks ran over him with the car and broke his leg. She signed over rights to him because she had no wish to pay for his surgery. A vet took over his case pro bono and put pins in his leg to try and save it.

Another owner expressed an interest in homing him, but in another twist of fate the pins in his leg began to fail. After a month, which was far longer than he should have been housed at the clinic, his time was up. He was to be euthanized.

So, Tripod came home to us. At the time, he had four legs, but a few days later the injured one had to be amputated. The person who expressed a wish to rehome him had no interest in a three-legged dog.

I believe animals teach us things. Kloe, my Yorkie, has taught me what it is to be loyal. Chris the cat has taught me to slow down. Boone has taught me about faith and unconditional love.

Tripod has taught me that no matter your circumstance, you can run and find happiness. You can enjoy the sun and the grass. You can work with what you have and tackle life as well as any whole person.

So, in honor of National Pet Month, hug and kiss your fur babies, and say a prayer for those animals that have yet to find their forever home.




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