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Heroes of a Different Sort

When one hears the words animal control, all kinds of evil images rush to our minds. They kill our fur babies. They take our pets away never to return to their owners. They chase dogs and cats with nets and plot ways to harm them.

Those things may be true for some, but the Vermillion Parish Rabies Animal Control out of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, are not big bad dudes trying to hurt animals.

In fact – they are my heroes.

Last month, our Sherpherd/Husky mix, Boone, went missing. My son and his girlfriend had gone to visit her sister in Abbeville, Louisiana. They had taken Boone and three of our other dogs, including Gotham, the girlfriend’s dog. Gotham is a black lab, and he and Boone are best friends. Literally.

Gotham and Boone in younger days!

Through an unfortunate series of events, Gotham and Boone got out of the fencing. Gotham was found the next day, but Boone was not with him. How the dogs ever got separated, we will never know. The area Boone was lost in was deep, never-ending farm land that could not be reached except by trespassing and/or with a four wheeler. Combine that with a nearby highway and our frustration rose by the hour to say the least.

Boone is one of the best, sweetest dogs I have ever had. He is good with children, but he will defend the defenseless if necessary. He is smart and has been easy to train. Our hearts were breaking, but not nearly as bad as Gotham’s. He would not play. He would not swim in our pool when he was brought back home. He would not take his treats. And, after a few days, he quit eating as well.