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Happy National Monte Cristo Sandwich Day!

The holidays are fast approaching. Many of you have children or grandchildren that have gone back to school. Your days may well be filled with work, sports, and homework, and quick food has once again become a necessity for your family and for those holiday events.

Enter - the Monte Cristo sandwich! A sandwich so delectable, so awesome, so wonderful - it gets its own holiday!

Traditional Monte Cristo Sandwiches

National Monte Cristo Day was first observed in June of 2015. A variation of the French croque-monsieur sandwich first served in a Paris cafe in the 1910s, the egg-dipped ham and cheese sandwich is deep-fried, then topped with powder sugar and served with raspberry jam. The sandwich was first served in the state in the 60s in California in and around Disneyland, and it spread across the country shortly thereafter.

Now, aside from having read The Count of Monte Cristo in high school and LOVING the book, I always enjoyed Monte Cristo sandwiches at the now defunct restaurant Bennigan's. That little factoid dates me, no doubt, but I am not ashamed to admit that, along with Steak 'n Ale, I sure wish the restaurant would make a comeback.

So, in case you don't know, what is a Monte Cristo Sandwich?

It's a warm sandwich with ham and cheese sandwich that is egg-dipped and deep fried. Powdered sugar tops the sandwich and raspberry jam is served for dipping.

Yep. That's the most important part. The raspberry jam.

Now, like I said above, true Monte Cristo sandwiches are fried for a crispy texture. This girl, however, doesn't deep fry. It's just a habit I never bothered to begin. So, last year, while looking for sandwiches for a party, I came across a recipe for Monte Cristo Sliders. Easier than the traditional version, they do not require frying.

Monte Cristo Sliders

This is now my go-to sandwich for parties and, I will admit, occasionally for a quick meal at the house. In a houseful of sometimes picky eaters, these are always a win-win!

Below is the recipe. Feel free to right-click and save!

And Happy National Monte Cristo Day!

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