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Calling All ARC Readers!!!!!

So, God willing and the 'crik don't rise, I will be going to publication with The Brooch this June.

It's not a minute to soon for this old girl.

How does being an ARC reader work? ..ders . . . and this where where I am going to ask for your he.. being an ARC reader work? .ers?

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. ARCs are given to readers to before the book is published. Once the book goes LIVE (meaning it is available for the general public to purchase) ARC readers post their reviews on the website(s) of the author's choice.

I am looking for 50 ARC readers for The Brooch.

My requirements? There is only one - that you have read The Rood first. So, if you have not, now is your chance to grab that book. I will be running a freebie on The Rood in April - so if you have not read it, that would be your chance to do so.

How does being an ARC reader work?

  1. Sometime in April, I will be sending out a link to a form via my website, my newsletter, and my Facebook page. You fill that out and send it back to me. (This is mostly for me to have all the names in one place.)

  2. If you are chosen as an ARC reader, you will be put on a mailing list. All information will then be forwarded to you through that email.

  3. You will receive the book (via digital copy) a month before the publication date.

  4. Once the book goes LIVE on Amazon, you will be notified that you are now free to post your review