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A smallish book . . . finally . . .

Well, I finally did it!

Nearly 30 years later, I turned a college paper into a small book.

Introducing - The Big Siege of Fort Boonesborough and The Winning of the American West.

How did this finally come about, you ask?

So, as most of you know, I graduated from Texas A & M University with a B.S. in education a hundred years ago. I came back to my hometown as a young whippersnapper and taught school at my old elementary school (and alongside some of my former teachers).

And yet, for the longest time, I was dissatisfied. Teaching became a job, partly because it was not what I had envisioned it to be, and partly because of so much government interference had began about the time I graduated. (I will add - I am teaching now part-time in middle school, no less, and loving it!)

Now, I had always loved history, and so after toying and taking a few classes in library science (and deciding it would take wwaaaaayyyyyy too long to get that master's degree), I enrolled in some classes in an effort to work toward getting my master's in history.