Calling All Chaos Coordinators!

In the back of my planner, I have a page just for quips and quotes that could be put on signs, baskets, or whatever this crafty girl can find. One day while perusing a local store I saw a sign that read . . .

Chaos Coordinator.

I laughed out loud. People turned and looked at me.

I made no apologies for my life the past eight months.

I should have rewarded my efforts at survival and bought the thing. (But, if I remember correctly, it was not on sale, and I decided I could make my own sign with salvaged boards and paint.)

I am hoping 2020 will bring a more normal pace of life, but the boys will be getting jobs. I need a job. They need to start school. I need to write. Cars break down. People get sick. We still have waaaayyyy too many animals.

Is that chaos? Or is it what my father called domestic tranquility?

Whatever it will be, it may well impact my writing time, and I am just beginning to see some uphill movement in sales and reviews and so forth and so on. I sure don't want to lose that momentum, and if I am going to survive and get the things done that are important to me, I have to be organized.

So, I did this thing.

I got a planner, and this planner had me setting goals. So I set goals for my writing for the year. I divided those into quarterly goals, and then the quarterly goals into monthly goals. These will then be set into weekly goals.

I did the same and set goals for my spiritual life. I set health goals and financial goals as well. I bought a main planner and created a writing planner. I bought two journals - one for a prayer journal and one for a scribing journal.

So that is a total of four books.


Oh, and . . . well . . . just ignore the other books I use and that big box of stickers and pens. An organized girl's gotta have stickers and colored pens!

Okay, perhaps, I have gone a little OCD on needing to sort order out of chaos. But, I mean, can anybody blame me?

And this girl has always loved to plan. It's carrying out the plan that sometimes is brutal.

But I digress.

I also reordered my morning. I have turned off the television. While I eat breakfast, I read my Bible and the readings for the day in my missal. By the time I finish eating I am done reading. I then scribe while I drink a second cup of coffee. Then, it is on to prayers.

Lastly, I have a look at that planner again. I check those weekly goals. I check my to-do list for the week and the day.

Then, I get busy.

I am at the end of week two. So far, so good. I will have to check in with you all and let you know in a few weeks if this has helped me coordinate my chaose.

Any other Chaos Coordinators out there? What are you doing to bring order to your 2020?

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