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Thornless Thursday: Author Kristen Heitzmann

Books are like roses. They are oftentimes pretty on the outside, but those thorns (graphic sex scenes) can be larger or smaller to a greater or lesser degree. Once your thumb (or mind) is punctured, you have only two choices – finish reading and pass over those parts, or quit reading (and it if it a good book that is hard to do.)

Thornless Thursday spotlights authors that write deep, riveting novels without the sex. Be assured, if you pick up one of these authors, you will not have to worry about graphic sex. You might, however, be in for a beautiful rose and a fabulous read!

This month’s author spotlight is on one of my all-time favorites – Kristen Heitzmann. I discovered Heitzmann while on a quest to find new authors since I have read through all my old standbys. I credit this gal with getting me into reading again, and, in a roundabout way, infusing me once again with my childhood dream of writing my own books.

Heitzmann writes gritty Christian/Inspirational Fiction, and for those readers looking for clean fiction (meaning no graphic sex), Heitzmann has enough books in publication to keep you busy for a while. While her books are considered Christian, she does not come across preachy in her plotting. Her characters are flawed. They make real mistakes. The heroes are not always heroic, and the heroines are not always nice. You will, however, find beautiful prose (writing) that few authors can match, fast paced plotting, lots of drama, and romance that is steamy but clean.

Heitzmann has published four stand-alone novels and four series. Of the series, two are historical fiction, and her current series is a psychological thriller. She is just about one of the most versatile Christian authors available today. You can read about each of her novels and her series on her website found here.

Heitzmann has won numerous awards, including two Christy finalists for The Tender Vine and Indivisible, and Christy awards for Secrets and The Breath of Dawn.

A few words of advice on her books, from my lips to ears.

Do not start with her Rocky Mountain Legacy. This was the first series Heitzmann published, and while good, it is not her best work. Save these for later.

The Diamond of the Rockies Series will keep you reading to the end. I literally stirred pasta and read. Do not start unless you have time to read. The Michelli Family Series is a spin off of a later generation of the characters in The Diamond of the Rockies Series. While a stand alone series, it will read better if you read Diamond of the Rockies first and The Michelli Family Series second.

Her latest series, The Redford Series, is dark and psychological. It is quite a departure from her other work, and it has not been as well received due to the subject matter. If you like gritty, raw novels, then you will enjoy these. If you are sensitive to the darker elements of human nature, then you might wish to pass these up. Indomitable is the upcoming 3rd book of this series.

All of her stand-alones are fabulous, and the Spencer Family Series is another must read, especially The Breath of Dawn, the 3rd in the series. (Her website actually has the books in the reverse order.)

Kristen teaches writing workshops and is a speaker at conferences. She lives in Colorado and is a former homeschooling mother and is active in her local church.

You can find Kristen at her website here. All of her books are listed there within information for purchasing.

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