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January 28, 2020

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Calling All Chaos Coordinators!

January 10, 2020

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Breaking Promises meets The Empire Strikes Back

May 19, 2015

I’ve set the final release date for Breaking Promises (which is two weeks earlier than planned) on  May 28, 2015.


So, I feel this is a post I simply MUST make. I feel I should offer all my readers a fair warning. The red flags are up.


I have a dart  board attached to my chest.


I am ready to run if I need to. (After all, I have to write that third book.)


Here it goes —-


Breaking Promises does NOT have a happy ending.


There, I said it. Whew!


As I’ve stated in reviews before, authors and readers enter into a contract when 1) the author writes and publishes the book, and 2) the reader picks it up and spends their time reading. The understood result is that the reader will have a great ride while reading but, despite whatever troubles the hero or heroine have along the way, a happily-ever-after will be achieved at the end. Anything less is unsatisfactory.


The exception, of course, are trilogies. Especially, gosh darn it, that second book.


And truthfully, nothing was as disheartening as watching that spaceship with Luke, his arm around Leia, all of us, at least, knowing she was his sister, not knowing what Hans Solo’s fate would be . . . I might cry thinking of it again. (I know – I am showing my age – that might make me cry, too.)