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David's Trouble

It finally happened. I put a character into a such a stressful situation, I had to get up and walk away from the computer.

Poor David.

And it was all Jackson’s fault, sort of.

I love writing. I love the craft of creating the characters, giving them their own little strengths and weaknesses, putting them into situations they can’t seem to find any way out of.

David is certainly in a pickle not too far into Breaking Promises.

Dunker Meeting House, Maryland (courtesy of

Jackson curled his fingers around Annie’s elbow. The familiarity jolted David’s gut. What was going on with the two of them? Surely she hadn’t traded him for Jackson.

“I came to check on you,” his cousin said. “You’ve been gone quite a while.”

“I needed some fresh air,” she whispered.

“If you’re feeling ill, we can leave early.”

David’s blood boiled. “I can take her home just as well as you.”

“Ah, now, Davy,” Jackson smiled. “I walk Annie home every first day.”

David slid his gaze to Annie’s face. Nothing.

Geesh, he hated when she did that.

Jackson tipped the rounded front of his new black tricorn. “See you at dinner.”

“Dinner?” David roared.

The smile oozed onto Jackson’s face. “I eat at Cayle Farms every first day after the weekly before taking Annie back to work.”

Yep, David’s trouble is only beginning.

And I can’t wait.

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