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Kindle 3-Day Countdown & Reviews

From Friday, June 27 to Sunday, June 29, I will be offering Keeping Secrets on a 3-Day Kindle Countdown Deal. On Friday it will be available for .99, on Saturday for $1.99, and on Sunday for $2.99. By Monday, it will go back up to the regular price of $3.99. This is a great opportunity to get a Kindle version at a sale price.

I have also heard from one reader that she was unable to leave a review of Keeping Secrets on Amazon. I am unsure why this is, unless it is because Amazon won't allow readers to write reviews, or to rate the book, unless the book has been purchased directly from them. That means that if you purchased a paperback copy from me, you might not be able to review the book on Amazon even if you have an account.

If you do not have an account on Goodreads, you can join for free and rate the book and/or leave a review on their site. While not as popular as Amazon, Goodreads still has lots of readers, and a review left there is still extremely helpful.

Any reviews left are much appreciated by me. Up until this past spring, authors were able to give away gift cards or free copies of books as incentives for reviews or to show their appreciation. Amazon has since then cracked down and that is not possible any longer.

A few cautionary words about reviews. If you post the same review to Goodreads and Amazon they will delete them both. Goodreads is now owned by Amazon, and for some reason they do not want the reviews repeated. Be sure to change them up quite a bit if you post in both places.

Also, be sure and not mention that you know me personally, or that we have ever even had a minimal amount of contact. Those reviews are pulled instantly from Amazon. I don't know about Goodreads, but they are likely culled there as well.

We Indie authors live by our reviews. The way Amazon and the other book sites figure their algorithms Amazon drives us up or down in their search engines and on the pages. The higher we rank, the more people see our book, the more new customers we acquire.

A special thank you to everyone who has read Keeping Secrets and has had kind words to say about the book. They mean a lot to me. More than you can know. Your words of encouragement have pressed me forward to working on the second book and to continue writing. Thanks you so much!

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