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The Big Siege of Fort Boonesborough and the Winning of the American West

A true story of courage and bravery and its impace on a young nation . . . 

In September of 1778 the isolated outpost of Fort Boonesborough in Caintuck Land, with less than 100 inhabitants and only 35 or so fighting men, faced a war party of over 400 Shawnee Indians. Along with the warriors were French-turned-British officers trained in the art of warfare and sieges.

Although there were two other settlements in Kentucky, they were smaller than Boonesborough, and the nearest settlement to the Kentucky forts and stations was 200 miles to the east and that over a mountain range with only way in and one way out.

That day in September, within the picketed walls of Fort Boonesborough, Daniel Boone gave the settlers a choice – surrender or fight and face death. Boone assures those standing before him he will support their decision.
Assuredly, none of the settlers were thinking beyond the next few days. Their minds were full of how to save their lives and the lives of the others in the fort. None of them realized that their decision would play a major role in peace negotiations four years later at the end of the American Revolution.

But how did they get here? How did Boone and less than a hundred settlers find themselves facing a life and death decision that would later prove to be so invaluable to a young nation going to war?

To understand, one must always go back to the beginning . . .

Will Someone Please Shoot the Cuckoo?

One woman's continuing journey through hypothyroidism and today's healthcare system. 

Ever feel like doctors do not really listen? Ever wonder if they care? Ever wonder why the very people who should be listening and helping have actually turned on you?


Do you shake your head when physicians do not take your symptoms seriously – hair loss, migraines, heart palpitations, fatigue, inability to sleep, inability to lose weight, aches and pains so deep in your body you cannot even seem to get up in the morning?


And then there are the dangerous symptoms they ignore  – brain fog, inability to think, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety, and on and on.


Did they tell you that you were simply getting old? Did they offer more high blood pressure medication? A statin to lower your cholesterol? An anti-depressant to enhance your mood?


Did you know, deep inside yourself, that you were not crazy and that there was a serious problem, because you were not . . . you?  Were you finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, prescribed Levothyroxine, and later slipped back into your disease and still they refuse to listen?


This is not a medical book on hypothyroidism. For that a number of other books exist. This is a book of one woman’s journey through the past ten years with the disease - a journey of wrong diagnoses, of improper medication, of unconcerned doctors and great ones, of setbacks and steps forward.


If you are one of the millions of Americans who cannot seem to get help for your fatigue and you have been diagnosed with or believe you have hypothyroidism, then let Donna’s journey inspire you to persevere in your quest for a proper diagnosis, proper treatment, and ultimately – better health. 

Help is out there, and most importantly – you are not alone.

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