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Metes & Bounds Series

Metes & Bounds I: Dugal McQueen and Some Descendants

He was raised in freedom, but honor forced him into servitude and forever changed his destiny.

Dugal McQueen was born about 1685 at Pollochaig near Moy, Inverness-shire, Scotland.  The son of John MacQueen of Pollochaig and the grandson of William Mackintosh, 17th chief of Clan Mackintosh and 18th chief of Clan Chattan, he fought with the Jacobites at the Battle of Preston in the Uprising of ’15. He was captured, tried, and ultimately sent to the American colonies and forced into indentured service. After his service was up, he settled in the present day Westminster, Maryland area.


This first volume in the Metes & Bounds Series, updated from the first edition published in 1997, traces the MacQueens move to Scotland, the rise of the MacQueens at Pollochaig, and Dugal’s participation in the Jacobite Rebellion. It details his life in the colonies and continues with the history of his sons,  William McQueen and Thomas McQueen, and grandchildren Elizabeth  (who married George Brown), Joshua,  Thomas, John, James and Benjamin as they fought in the American Revolution, participated in various Indian wars, and ultimately moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.


As with the first edition, thie volume includes documents, maps, and personal histories on many of his descendants. Much of the history is drawn from Joshua McQueen’s interview in the Draper Papers as well as other primary resources. An updated numbering system on descendants is also included.


Metes & Bounds II: David Crews, Ancestors & Descendants

The story of a young boy raised in a religion of peace coming of age in a nation bent on war.

David Crews was born in 1742 to David Crew and Mary Stanley. A birthright Quaker, David Crews would leave that faith to join the militia and fight for a young nation’s freedom from France and later England. About 1760 he married his step-sister Annie Magee. This second volume in the Metes & Bounds Series traces not only their ancestry and childhoods, but their move to Bedford County, Virginia, and eventually Boonesborough, Kentucky, where David became one of the wealthiest planters in Madison County. The book includes histories and descendant listings of David and Annie’s children, as well as David’s children by second wife Mildred Williford-Carlew.


Included are family group sheets, documents, photographs, maps, and personal histories on many of his descendants. Originally published in 1993, this 2nd edition has a new typeface, an improved numbering system, and an updated foreword by the author.

Metes & Bounds III: John McQueen & Nancy Crews, Children & Grandchildren

She was born into a family of peace. He was born into a world of violence.
Together, they forged a small empire.

John McQueen was born at the height of the Old French War in 1759, the grandson of Jacobite rebel, Dugal McQueen. At the age of seven his father, Thomas McQueen, died, and John moved with his mother and new family to the fringes of the American frontier. He grew up fighting Indians, serving in militia campaigns, and carving homes out of the wilderness.


After the American Revolution, he moved to Madison County, Kentucky, and in October of 1788 married Nancy Crews, daughter of wealthy tobacco planter David Crews and his first wife Annie Magee. Together, they had at least five children who grew to adulthood, carved homes twice from the wilderness, one in Tennessee and another in Texas. Their children and grandchildren were instrumental in settling Tyler and Jasper Counties, many of them coming to Texas while it was under Spanish rule.


This long-awaited volume covers the vast history of this family from John’s birth in the colonies in 1759 to the death of John and Nancy’s last living grandchild James Polk McQueen in 1917. Included are family histories, family photographs, documents, maps, and a complete genealogical listing three generations past John and Nancy. Over 200  sources, much of which was primary source material including court, land, tax, military, and probate records, hard-to-find Bible records and interviews. Many unknown correlations between the Barclay, Taylor, Bean, and McQueen families are here detailed. A fine edition to round out the Metes & Bounds Series.

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