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The Place of Our Abode: Surnames

The following surnames occur at least one time The Place of Our Abode. A surname’s appearance here, however, does not necessarily mean that individual is in any way related to John Crew or Sarah Gatley. 

Adams, Ballard, Ballew, Basham, Binford, Bond, Boyle, Bradford, Brooks, Bumpass, Carew, Carlew, Chilton, Clayton, Cobb, Crawford, Crew, Crews, Crispe, Dabney, Dickinson, Ellyson, Everitt, Frost, Gatley, Glenn, Harman, Harris, Heatherly, Hignett, Holland, Holmes, Howard, Hoy, Hubbard, Hudson, Hunter, Huston,  Johnson, Jones, King, Ladd, Lane, Lead,Lead/Ladd, Lee, Linscombe, Liscombe, Logan, Magee, Markham, Marks, Massey, McGary, Morris, Parke, Pleasants, Sanders, Scarburgh, Smith, South, Southall, Standley, Stanley (Stanly), Stanley, Stith, Thompson, Tompkins, Wathen, Welch, Williams, Williford,  Wilson, Woodhouse, Woodson,

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