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Donna has always had stories in her head. When they were not swirling and gnawing, she had her head in a history book - both fiction and non-fiction.


Now, she puts her love of old things, including her genealogy, to good use by writing both genealogy books and novels. She also has a book on her journey with hypothyroidism. 


A graduate of Texas A & M University, Donna recently embarked on a career in real estate. She lives northeast of Houston with twin sons who are launching into the world on their own and way too many animals that are not. She dreams of life in a log cabin in the woods, even as she is addicted to antique and thrift shopping.


And still, she manages to find time to write. 

If you live in southeast Texas and would like Donna to come speak at your reading, genealogy, or history club, please contact her. She is more than likely to say yes! 



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